LI(ta)EIN_Atlas Metropolitan – Marseille (France)

The goal is reducing the road transport by proposing a VAL line (Light Automatic Vehicle), completely independent and tangent to the 5 points of interest (the Marseille airport, the adjacent industrial area, the Europcter company and the train station of the city of Vitrolles (VAMP), from which you can easily reach the city of Marseille). The architectural project consists in the infrastructural connection of these 5 areas not yet efficiently connected to each other, even if located in strategic areas, so that the parking areas for cars could be transformed into public areas and destined to new activities, that the abandoned areas near the Lake of Berre were converted into spaces for recreation and relax and the area of the salt pans was embellished through the construction of a pedestrian and cycle path with panoramic views of the entire park and natural landscape. Infrastructural improvement left room for the development of new hotel activities, offices and schools related to the airport theme.

More information:

  • Project Team: Eleonora Bertolotto, Giovanni Glorialanza, Claire Moissard, Leia Gorra, Maria Vidal, Nayla Khdury
  • Urban renovation
  • 2014
  • Workshop
  • Marseille (France)
Date: 19.05.2018