MAT_Piranesi Prix de Rome – Tivoli (Rome)

The “Piranesi Prix de Rome” is an architecture competition; it is involved in the architectural project for the enhancement and redevelopment of heritage, organized by the Adrianea Academy of Architecture and Archeology Onlus.

The theme included the designing of an itinerant museum with pavilions that had to host different functions within the wonderful and fascinating Villa Adriana Park in Tivoli (Rome). The proposed intervention was characterized by four pavilions that took shape from the place in which they were born and that, therefore, had different forms and characteristics. All the pavilions were very simple and essential, opening up to the context in which they stood, respecting it and seeking continuous communication with it.

MAT = Museum Adrianeo Tivoli

More information

  • Project team: Eleonora Bertolotto, Veronica Maggini, Valentina Pastorino, Valentina Gozzo, Giorgia Passalacqua, Elisabetta Gron√≤
  • Museum
  • 2009
  • Workshop
  • Rome
Date: 17.05.2018