Library – Project of a new Library in Briosco (Monza-Brianza)

The project is represented by a semi-hypogean library pavilion. The building is structured on a single level, favoring horizontal movements and direct internal-external relations. Space is intended to be rational, with a simple static structure in concrete: a box, crossed by patios that define an alternation of full and empty spaces, of compressed and dilated spaces within the hypogeum volume. The complex is characterized by two blocks built divided by a connecting portico that opens to a flight of steps crossed by a zigzagging ramp that connects the different levels of the area. The patios that subdivide the functional spaces allow the regulation of natural light that filters as much as possible in hypogeal environments. This system – that alternates open and closed spaces – will give rise to paths, stimulating and justifying flows, offering itself as an attraction and destination, as an engine and a support.

More information:

  • Project team: Eng. Sandro Beltrami, Eng. Carla Zovetti, Eng. Eleonora Bertolotto
  • Library
  • 2014
  • Competition
  • Briosco (MB)
Date: 21.05.2018