Private House – New Interior Stairs in Magliolo (SV)

Structural project to carry out internal changes in a new concrete house never inhabited before, in order to make the house suitable for the needs of the new owners.

The project concerned the construction of a new interior stair. That meant firstly the closing of a circular hole in the ceiling (originally created to host a helical staircase) with a steel structure; and the construction of the new stair in concrete to reach the first floor, as well as the building of a new external cover on the stair.

More information:

  • Structural project: Eng. Eleonora Bertolotto
  • Architectural project: Geom. Giuseppe Defrancesco
  • Residential house
  • 2016-2017
  • Structure
  • Residential apartment
  • Magliolo (SV)
  • 120 mq
  • Steel and Concrete
Date: 12.05.2018