School – Project of a new school in Albenga (Savona)

The new school in Albenga, a hybrid of green spaces, squares and buildings, is a place with high accessibility for the city and the territory. The complex set of buildings-volumes with immediate recognition of the different functional roles will be a chorus of presences that will give rise to public places that will also unfold on green terraces.

The layout looks like the plan of a city with its streets, squares, open spaces, and their hierarchies. The project creates an “urban interior” of great evocative power that invites people to meet each other and becomes a powerful icon of the significance of the new public spaces.

The heart of the school complex will be represented by the public areas, which will be used by people: they will not simply be places of passage, but spaces for sharing, in which human relationships take on a deeper meaning through the exchange of affection, knowledge and experience.

More information:

  • Project team: Eng. Sandro Beltrami, Eng. Eleonora Bertolotto, Arch. Matteo Sacco, Giulia Bertolotto (student)
  • School
  • 2016
  • Competition_innovative school
  • Albenga (SV)
Date: 22.05.2018