Over time I have managed, independently or in teams with other professionals, many structural and architectural projects with different characteristics. Below you will find briefly some of my most significant works.

Costa di Villa – 11 luxury villas in Cervo (IM) Structural
The White Pearl – 13 apartments in Pietra Ligure (Savona) Structural
P. & R. House – House Renovation in Boissano (Savona) Integrated design
Aurelia House – House Renovation in Ceriale (Savona) Integrated design
School – Project of a new school in Albenga (Savona) Workshop
Library – Project of a new Library in Briosco (Monza-Brianza) Workshop
Residential loft in Ceriale (Savona) Structural
Private House – New Interior Stairs in Magliolo (SV) Structural
Winery – Winery Extension in Valpolicella Negrar (Verona) Workshop
LI(ta)EIN_Atlas Metropolitan – Marseille (France) Workshop
Private House – House Extension in Balestrino (Savona) Structural
Private Villa in Pietra Ligure (Savona) Structural
Private House – House Extension in Toirano (Savona) Integrated design
Eco-Hutong – Beijing (China) Workshop
MAT_Piranesi Prix de Rome – Tivoli (Rome) Workshop