Who is Eleonora?

My name is Eleonora Bertolotto and I am a Building and Architectural Engineer. Due to my many experiences both in Italy and abroad, my professionalism has an international scope and my approach to any project is new and modern. I am ambitious, determined and flexible. I admire the complexity of any architectural project, as I do not limit myself to the basics; in fact, I follow an idea through, from the initial stages to the completion of the job, using the best strategies and technical skills, in order to create a unique desirable space of your dreams: your space.

Living a “tailor-made” space due to innovative architectural and structural projects improves the quality of your life.

I deal with structural designing, consultation and site supervision, with a specific focus on bioclimatic themes, therefore wood construction, eco-sustainability and biocompatibility.
With the collaboration of other specialized experts, I also deal with architectural design and plant engineering.

I graduated with a Full Honours Degree in 2012, after having completed my degree thesis in Beijing, focusing on the Eco-Hutong. design.
This, together with all my other international experiences , have allowed me to have a vision of the project at a 360° level, and have made me a modern designer, who manages to work alone, as well as in collaboration with other professionals with high-level skills, and to follow every aspect of the job.
My objective is to improve the quality of life of people, using the space available, and hence, I chose to be a designer.
We all dream of living in a house built as a “tailor-made suit”, or to live in an area where gathering places can help people to share their life experiences. A bridge or a cycle path’s project connects private lives with public lives, the design of a square makes the knowledge and the sharing of different experiences of people real, a house’s project can help us create our dream of peace and personal serenity.

I am a young female engineer with very clear goals and I work beyond the classic architectural and engineering rules.
My work is definitely oriented towards the client, for a good and safe result, which I pursue due to my vocation to interdisciplinary interactions. In fact, I believe that sustainable innovation is the fruit of the synergistic actions of different fields and competences and that only their union guarantees the achievement of these pre-established objectives.

I design flexible, architectural and structural projects, so that they can be adaptable to change and different situations, as well as supporting the customers’ needs at all times.
If you would like to have a modern, and highly-skilled engineering and architectural design, I am at your complete disposal; I offer my professional skills, my passion and my international experience.

An Innovative Process of Work

Let’s think about designing a space together.
The space has to represent your identity, it has to speak about you, and it has to be adapted according to your life style and your values.


Everybody is an expert in the use of his own space. Due to a clear and direct dialogue, together we can outline the fundamental principles of the project and what it will become.


Using conceptual and spatial drawings, I can show you the project, so you can have a look at your ideal space, a space which will represent you.


The developed project and all the details of your space, show the agreed vision from the previous phases. The project takes form: it finally makes your dream real.


Life in your own new space begins just when you start to use it.
I will accompany you as you become familiar with your new space. I will not leave you at the most important phase. I will help you to improve your new space in order to give you the possibility of live your own space in the best way, with your requirements and habits.

I have just illustrated the 4 distinct and fundamental phases, all managed in harmony with you and which leads us to the final result: a space designed to be lived in, an environment made of life.