Dreaming of owning a house in Italy

Do you plan to buy a house in Italy? DON’T DO IT.

  • Unless you are prepared for a country with completely confusing, complicated, extensive and time-consuming building legislation.
  • prepared to accept trivial disagreements, which require a Court decision, that could go on for years
  • prepared to accept local law interpretations or other interests that can create problems

My partners and I can help foreigners with projects in Liguria and in Milan, where renovation, redesign or new constructions are required. This is the case with most of the old and historic Italian houses. Even small changes need permission through applications.

Everything in Italy is complicated but possible. Italy is complex but it is also full of many unique beauties.

Litorale ligure

My partners and I can assist you with all parts of this process:
Look for the right house – buy at the right price – Project material for renovation, redesign or a new house – application material – actual construction drawings – static calculations – tender material – tender bid evaluation – construction monitoring.

For questions please contact us, and we will reply as soon as possible.


Eng. Eleonora Bertolotto


Eleonora Bertolotto

Building Engineer

Via Fogazzaro 6, 17025 Loano (SV), Italy

I am a building engineer and can therefore carry out the difficult application process, which, in addition to extensive drawing material, also means important negotiations with the authorities. Even smaller building changes require static calculations and I can also take on the task with the necessary building supervision, which is a legal requirement. Gravity in Italy is no different than in Scandinavia, but there is a difference in building traditions and the possibility of earthquakes – that means particular static challenges. This means many and complicated calculations and so approval can take months and slow case- work is a very basic Italian problem. Of course, it is also a problem for us Italians, but often an even bigger problem for Scandinavians. It is quite natural that a Scandinavian client will know when he can expect a building permit, but in reality nobody knows. Mark says that in addition to my professional contribution, the most important thing for our collaboration is that I am clear and honest; I can explain everything in English with a very clear Italian accent. If you just need some good advice, feel free to call or send me an email.
Languages: Italian, English

Arch. Mark Blix


Mark Blix


Margethevej 8 5800 Nyborg, Denmark

Most Scandinavians, who have a house in Italy or dream of buying a house or a building site, will find that when it comes to real estate, everything is extremely complicated, time-consuming and all expenses and prices are presented for discussion and negotiation. They will also discover that their perception of an Italian environment is difficult, if not impossible to understand for Italian architects. My task is to make the “dream of a house in Italy” concrete and, together with my Italian partners, have the project approved by commissions and administrations without unnecessary loss of time and money and without any unnecessary changes to the project. All Italian legislation is complicated. There may also be differences in the way in which it is interpreted and also, rules and costs change from year to year. It is important to avoid situations where the court-room is the only option. Even simple lawsuit can go on for years. Anyone who just requires good advice is welcome to call or send an E-mail.

Languages: Danish, English
E-mail.: office.gaia.design@gmail.com
Tel.: +45 70 20 20 42

Adriano Ragni


Adriano Ragni

Real Estate Agent Liguria
Via Aurelia 222. 18016 S. Bartolomeo Al Mare (IM) Italy

There are really many houses for sale in Italy and there are a lot of real estate agents. I am one of them, but I have also been the Mayor of San Bartolomeo al Mare twice, which means that I know the legislative part of the problems Scandinavians meet in relation to a renovation, buying a property or a building site. One of the things that can make a Scandinavian buyer uncertain, is that a real estate agent in Italy represents and is paid by both the seller and the buyer. It does not make it easier for a Scandinavian, that all discussions are conducted in Italian, that legislation is complicated and different and that most prices and expenses can be negotiated and will be done so. I have a very good collaborative relationship with Eleonora and Mark regarding both small and large projects and can take on a task as a counselor if you wish to ensure a sensible course and avoid mistakes that unfortunately often cause problems for foreigners. I can give an objective case assessment for an agreed fixed price, but I also have my own properties for sale. For more information feel free to call or send an E-mail.

Languages: Italian, English, German

E-mail. ragni@immobiliarequattro.it
Tel.: +39 347 8718400
Fax: +39 0183 752254